Livestock and Dairy Development Projects

Bangladesh lies within the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Delta-the world's largest, most densely populated delta and one of the richest in aquatic resources. In 2014, Bangladesh crossed the threshold to become a low middle-income country GMIC, and per-capita income reached US$ 1,602 in 2017. Bangladesh's remarkable development achievements notwithstanding, high levels of poverty and population density remain pressing development challenges. Given increasing population pressure on land, the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) has recognized that the expansion of dairy and meat production, processing, value addition, marketing and consumption can offer an important pathway to sustainable economic development and future poverty reduction opportunities for Bangladesh.

In the context of Bangladesh the Dairy & Livestock Sectorial entrepreneurship are increasing in geometrical shape. It is a good sign that a lot of educated young people are become interested to involve themselves in this sector commercially. But unfortunately they are doing their desired tasks non-professionally and in most of the cases they are gathering knowledge wrongly and facing lot of professional trouble including financial losses.

Addressing this shortfalls and to shoulder with the Governments vision to build a poverty free country Euro Bangla Associates has opened a dedicated wing to provide professional support for this uprising industry and the stakeholders related to it.

At present we are providing Client and Need based supports related but not limited to the services listed below:

  • Green dairy farm planning, designing and coaching the green entrepreneur.
  • Small, medium and large scale milk and milk production and processing plant design and setup.
  • Sourcing of all types of milk and milk processing Machineries, Equipment and Accessories from globally reputed principals.
  • Turnkey based project commissioning  for establishment of Powder milk plant; Butter; Ghee; Pasteurized milk line; Yogurt; Cheese, etc.
  • Identify the potential dairy and livestock entrepreneurs and motivate them about the business opportunities in this sector, etc.

Our Livestock and Dairy projects and Consultancy

Milk Vita Powder Milk Plant

We have constructed a Powder Milk Plant for Milk Vita in Baghabai, Sirajganj on a turnkey basis. In this project, SSP Limited,India was our partner.

This plant can produce up to 25 tons of powder milk per day. And it is made with a sustainable design with the latest technology for powder milk production. Moreover, this plant produces butter as a bi-product.

There are some pictures of this project -

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

  • Oesein / Gelatin Industries
  • Oil Refineries and Electroplating Industries
  • Tannery Industries
  • Caustic Recovery for Mercerizing Units
  • Yeast Plant
  • Dye / Dye Intermediates Industries

Bio-Gas Plant

We are capable of constructing Bio-Gas plant of varying capacities. Some of our capabilities are shown here -

B2B Consultation

We can design, source and Manufacture various Livestock and Dairy Project plans and equipment for entrepreneurs who are interested in Livestock business and expending their project capabilities